We are a Product Development Studio for Startups

We do web development, mobile app development and full technology and architecture solutions.

We partner with startups as a remote in-house product development team — providing the management, design and development workforce to meet your goals

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Our services

We play the long run by delivering high-quality, user-fiendly products that people love to use

Be it a marketing site, a blog, an e-commerce platform or a full-blown web application we'll ensure your site or application runs smoothly across browsers, screen sizes and even device types
UI / UX design · Prototyping · Frontend · Backend
Mobile apps
iOS & Android — hate one or the other, love them both. We tailor each platform's uniqueness to deliver a fast, responsive and unified cross-platform experience for your app
UI / UX design · Prototyping · iOS · Android · Hybrid apps · Backend
How we roll

We don't just type code, deliver and call it a day, we work closely with our partners over the course of our relationship

Blac-Sheep's HQ is based in Minneapolis, MN but we work remotely across 🇲🇽  Mexico,🇨🇦  Canada and the 🇺🇸 US. We love working on challenging and awesome projects, we're inspired by the startup mindset and energy that comes with building something revolutionary.

We don't think of ourselves as sales people but rather as business partners. No one knows your biz better than you, but we do know how to build killer products that people engage with. We believe that by getting to know each other and collaborating each other's strengths we can build something incredible.

Our partners

We love working with startups, building the tools of tomorrow

It's a win-win

Working on pijamas, from a coffeeshop and our pets all over our keyboards it's a lifestyle, but remote means so much more for us

Being proudly Mexican-American founded we saw an opportunity we couldn't ignore, we had the chance to bring the best of our countries together through hard work and collaboration.

We wanted diversity and inclusion right at the core of our values. We wanted to open the doors to the talented developers that don't have the means or the priviledge to develop their careers abroad and at their full potential.

Working remotely has allowed us to onboard amazing talented developers no matter where they are and place them right into the development battlefield with exciting and cutting-edge startups. We are all eager to show what we can do together.

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